RESPONSIBLE GIVING | VOLUNTEER MATCH | SAFE CHARITY is a market place/web-portal to channel philanthropic and volunteer resources towards sustainable development goals to build prosperous Pakistan.


PAKISTAN OUR HOME a socio-tech startup which focuses to channel philanthropic and volunteer resources towards sustainable development goals to build prosperous Pakistan. It is based on learning’s from a similar initiative of UNDP Yemen i.e. Yemen Our Home ( with further value additions such as features of volunteer match, safe charity controls and SDGs aligned categorisation. This is Pakistan’s 1st volunteer match and indigenous solution to mobilisation of resources for development goals.

MISSION: It mission statement is “Pakistan is our home, it’s our responsibility, we can build it, so let’s contribute to build prosperous Pakistan”

Key Functionalities: It is a web-based platform with two main features: –

  • Volunteer Match
  • Responsible Giving for SDGs
  • Safe Charity vetting

Volunteer Match:

Volunteer match feature is based on an extensive skills set menu. This facilitates match between individual volunteers and projects and organisations looking for leveraging volunteer resources. This is first of its’ kind initiative in Pakistan. Youth, educational institutions, public sector national causes and social sector organisations are key beneficiaries of this facility. 

Responsible Giving for SDGs:

This feature aims to channel part of annual PKR 650 (b) ($617 m) charity being done by individual Pakistanis, towards development goals of Pakistan, through verified and vetted projects and social sector organisations.

  • Only verified and vetted organisations and causes
  • Volunteer match to inculcate a sense of pride in youth
  • A platform for Pakistani diaspora to invest back with trust
  • Demonstration of 'Yes it's our country and we can build it'
  • Safe charity solution for sustainable peace

Startup Timelines


Officially Launched

The official launch of this unique startup was done in a seminar organised in commemoration of International Youth Day, on August 24, 2017 by USAID/Pakistan Alumni Association. PakistanOurHome was one of the partners of the event along with United Nations Volunteers, Pakistan and Preston University, Islamabad.


Goes Live

Technical development and pilot testing of portal started in April 2017 and was successfully completed on August 2017. On 70th Independence Day, the portal went live.


Incubation at TIC-NUST, Islamabad

PakistanOurHome was incubated at Technology Incubation Centre, National University of Science & Technology, Islamabad. This incubation provided logistical support to the startup required in strengthening the foundations and product development.



The concept emerged after extensive deliberations in last quarter of 2015 and next one year was spent on research and study of models around the world. The framework, mission statement, it's logo and domain was launched on August 14, 2016

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